domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

What kind of clothes do you must invert in your wardrobe (winter & summer) ?

If you want to invert in "essentials" items for many years, these items can be all you need. 
Leather: skirt, pant, short & jacket.
Dress: maybe the majority people prefer black dress, but I like more white dress. I think that it is perfect to any situation, only you have change the accessories.
Suit: you need a "good" suitcase.  
Denim pant:i t is a basic in your wardrobe.
Green Parka: informal days
Camel Coat: Cold and formal days
Down Coat
Denim Jacket
Trench: if it is Burberry...better! Ideal to travel. 
Denim Shirt: it is great to match with any item.
White blouse and tops (short & long sleeves)
Wine sweater or Cashmere Sweater (100% wool) avoid polyester. 
Gap hoodie (you will surprise so many times you will wear it)
Sneakers: choose one that you can matched with anything like this Adidas Superstars total white. 
Boots: Hunter  & Sperry or/and  shearling boots like Australia Luxe/UGG
Sandals: Gladiator sandals & Rubber Sandals
Pump/heels shoes: Black (any occasion) and red (special occasion) 
Burberry Scarf (or choose one that be made by100% merino)
Michael Kors: watches and bags are the better inversion that you can made. If you do not like any more, you can resale and buy other one. it is not lost inversion. 
Necklace/ rings: must be your female sign (if you can buy made by gold, much better)